About Stacey Perry

IATSE Local 798 Member


Stacey Perry, was born and raised in Louisiana. She has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Stacey began her career in art over 24 years ago. Starting out with graphic design and illustration, Stacey also excelled in airbrushing, which she did through a local geological drafting company. After several years in the graphic design industry, Stacey branched out into the film industry, using her skills to create beautiful make up designs and special effects, where she continued to learn new skills industry for the next several years.

Now, an accomplished Louisiana based makeup and special effects artist with over 13 years experience in various areas of the makeup industry. Stacey is also a passionate Face and Body Artist. Always determined to master new skills while striving to be a leader in her industry. Stacey graduated as an honor student from the International FPS. She has attended numerous intensive classes where she was instructed by some of the most respected and talented face and body artists in the world such as Jinny, Mark Reid and Nick Wolfe.

Stacey proudly serves Louisiana and specifically New Orleans for Film, TV and Theater.